Magickal Tribe Gathering!

Inviting you to join us for 11 Magickal days in Agonda jungle at The Tribe!
11th – 21st Dec 2020 

❤ Inviting all Emerging Conscious Leaders of the ReLOVElution to join us in Joy over the December Eclipse and Grand Solar Flash – for this Magickal Transformative Celebration of Life, Light, Love, Unity and Harmony!

This time has been foretold for all time as the time when we will enter back to the light and transform into the 4th day of the Earth’s life experiencing Peace and Heaven here on Earth with Unity Consciousness

This time is Now ❤🙏


❤ The Transformation is happening at a rapid pace, and if you are reading this now then you are one of the Beings who came here with the intention to assist with the facilitation with the shift of Consciousness here

You are one of the Emerging Leaders of the Conscious ReLOVEution

Much gratitude with all you have done so far, and with all we will do together Now

Much gratitude with your willingness to be at the forefront of radical change

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❤ The Gathering Overview

This 11 day Retreat Gathering of The Magickal Tribe, located off-grid at the magnificent ‘Tribe’ Land in the glorious South Goan jungle, is designed to give you time to break away from your normal every day routine and enter a dimension within which you may find the greatest gift you will ever offer yourself – the time and space within which to Find Yourself

Awaken Your Lifeforce Energy, look inside Yourself and authentically remember Your Truth and This Life Soul Purpose

Receive Human Life Hacks for achieving awakened states of Cosmic Consciousness, as well as pleasurable and practical ways of raising and maintaining your frequency – leading to a more Joyful and fulfilled experience as you Live the Life You Love Now

Join us in Co-Creating Our Magickal Life together!

❤ Check out our wonderful hosts The Tribe here:

We invite you to retreat, press pause on your usual stressful noisy, loud, busy, life experience – and join us amongst bountiful nature in Paradise

We will shine light on current World events, look at how you may position yourself as the eye of the storm over the coming turbulent times so that you may best serve Yourself, Your Family and Your Community, and show you how to Open Yourself with The Flow

We will offer Love, Community and Support as we practice together the Awakening Arts including:

❤ Embodied Tantra Magick Workshops:

– Become the Being you are Born to Be (how to know what you want and live it)
– Sex Magick
– Money Magick
– Open Yourself to Lifeforce Energy Flow
– Move past judgement and into Acceptance
– Vision Your Dreams and Manifest them Here Now

❤ Breathwork Lab
❤ Sacred Geometry – The Key to The Truth of Existence
❤Cosmic Meditation – Fly high on your own supply
❤ Vipassana – Know your mind, know yourself
❤ Ecstatic Dance
❤ All kinds of Yoga
❤ Gene Keys Technology
❤ 5D Knowledge and Wisdom Talks
❤ Sound Healing
❤ Sacred Cacao and Plant Medicine Ceremonies
❤ Conscious sustainable living here on Mama Earth
❤ Kirtan
❤ Live music concerts
❤ 1-1 bodywork sessions / Soul Guidance / Support with our team of highly awesome Magical Helpers

Inviting you to join us to Eat delicious plant-based medicine foods, Love, Pray, Meditate, Dance, Relax, Listen and Receive

Open Yourself to the Glorious Flow and Glow of Lifeforce Energy

Then simply Lay Back, Relax, Chill and Receive

❤ Remember I Love You, Me!

We have a range of accommodation available to suit you all – from open dorms onsite under the stars in the jungle, to off-site luxury brick built private villas with pool

❤ Gathering Contributions

Suggested contributions for this Retreat Gathering range from 33krs – 79krs per person depending on your choice of accommodation option (sharing / private / size / pool)

All contribution options include the following:

❤ Full access to the Magical Life Academy Programme which will run from approx 8am-10pm every day

❤ 3 meals per day of delicious, locally sourced plant-based medicine food produced onsite with full love

❤ All drinks and snacks

❤ Love / Community / Support

❤ Option 1:

11 nights / 12 days accommodation sharing a wonderful natural material built jungle dorm room from 33krs – 37krs per person depending on which room you are allocated (3 bed or 12 bed dorm – first come first served allocation)

❤ Option 2:

11 nights / 12 days accommodation in your own private onsite beautiful wooden jungle hut / food / accom / program packages

Small hut (price per hut – sleeps 1-2): 49krs (5 available)

Large ‘Leopard View’ Delux Duplex (price per hut – sleeps 1-2): 69krs (2 available)

❤ Option 3

11 nights / 12 days accommodation in a beautiful off-site (3 mins away) private large 1bhk villa with gorgeous garden, views, terrace and private (price per villa – sleeps 1-2): 79krs (1 available)

❤ Private 1-1 sessions for Massage / Bodywork / Tantra / Soul Guidance / Hand reading / Reiki / Access Bars / Ayurveda / Talking Therapy and more with our awesome multi-lingual team of Magickal Helpers may also be arranged on request

❤ Connect Now:
Pease connect with Silver Lotus on
wa +447939944049 for more info, to discuss your preferred accommodation requirement, and to book your spot

Super excited to be with you all in the jungle!!!

From the Gathering


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