The Academy Curriculum

Our Curriculum

Awaken to the BEing You are Born to Be
Live the Life You Love
Blending Cosmic Consciousness, ancient Tantric and Ayurvedic Knowledge and Wisdom and Newly Emerging Technologies, we offer an intensive Masterclass:

‘Awaken to the BEing you are Born to Be
Live the Life You Love’
for all Leaders of the Conscious ReLOVEution

Expect to remember to stop expecting anything except the unexpected as we hold space and light the way for a Magickal journey into Yourself

Experience exciting transmissions and interactive workshops delivered by some of Earth’s most luminous conscious minds

Follow a carefully curated program containing Human life hacks for experiencing transformational consciousness, combined with much love and community to support you through this deeply transformational time

Receive light on pleasurable and practical ways of raising and maintaining your vibration and consciousness
And to enjoy ongoing support in realising and actualising your Human Life purpose

Academy courses include transmissions and interactive experiences covering (but not limited to) a carefully curated selection of the following:

Cosmic Consciousness
Tantra – The Path to Self-Realisation
Ayurveda for All – Futureproof yourself and live disease-free for life
Conscious Human Life Hacks for raising and maintaining your vibration and consciousness
Body Temple Care
Plant-Based Nutrition for All
Tantric and Conscious Touch Massage
Theta Healing
Human Design
Gene Keys
Ecstatic Dance
Kundalini Innerdance
Shamanic Breathwork / Tantric Breathing / Wim Hof Method
Quantum Focusing
Hypnosis and Trance for Recalibration of Human Mind Programming
Yoga, Acro Yoga and partner Yoga
Active Meditation
Sound Healing
Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection
Vedic Astrology
Circular Economy
Radical Regeneration
Qi Gong
Tai chi
Voice Activation


Magickal Life Enlightenment Academy, London, U.K

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