Magickal Life Prayer of Transformational Consciousness

(For the Magickal-Life-Broadcast of the Conscious-Wakefulness)

I Breathe, Pray, Trust, and Receive Now

And I’m with memory, I Love You, Me Now

And Universe is with Me, and everything is Good and as it should be

And I’m with memory with Ahimsa Now

And that it’s time to Surrender Now 

And be Disciplined and with the Flow Now

And I’m with memory that I Forgive You Now, and I Forgive Me 

And anger, opinion and belief are gone Now

In their place Kindness, Compassion and Love Now

And I’m with memory that I am You and You are Me Now

And I am what I eat, I speak what I feel, and I am what I speak Now

And I’m with memory that pain, and pleasure are one and the same Now

And it’s up to me how they feel Now

I’m with memory that I Give and Receive Now

And I have Powers of Manifestation for Everything I Need Now

I live in Joyful Abundance with the Absence of greed Now

It is clear there is only Love Now

And I’m with memory that I’m here with a purpose Now

That I do what I love Now

And I lead by example Now

And I live safe in the glory and the power of Now

For Heaven is a place on Earth Now

And So It Is Now

Thank You, Thank You, Thank Me Now



(Life is that Simple Now)


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