According to the ancient science of Ayurveda, only 1% of the population of the Earth is currently happy. This is because in order to find true happiness, we must first know what we want. We must then achieve it, and then live to enjoy the fruit of our achievements
Most Beings fail at the first hurdle since most have no capacity to know what they truly want. This is due to the nature of the facets of the Mind
The known Mind, as it is referred to by Buddhists, is the part of the Mind programmed with all the information we receive from the moment we are born. Absorbed from our parents and family in the first instance, and later from our friends, teachers, media, the internet and the society around us
We essentially become a product of the place in which we live, and the Beings by whom we are surrounded
Few of us are ever gifted with the opportunity to remove ourselves from this constant bombardment with programming in order to ask the important questions. Who are we? What is it that we truly want? What is our purpose here on Earth?
Even fewer still are free to listen and be with the response which the other facet of our Mind, the ‘Knowing Mind’ will offer
The Knowing Mind is the part of our Mind in which our true nature resides. The part of our Mind which travels with us from lifetime to lifetime, through time and space, from Source, to eternity and beyond
The part of our Mind which holds the knowledge of who are truly are, and who we are born to be in this lifetime
Here at the Magickal Life Enlightenment Academy, we offer a safe container away from the stress and strain of everyday life for you to be able to join us and spend time asking the questions which need to be asked in order to begin the process of awakening to the awareness of who you are
That you may begin to experience awareness of the Knowing facet of your mind, as we equip you with the tools to cut through the Known Mind’s endless chatter
That each one of us may begin to live the life we are intended to love as a conscious Being, and to experience Heaven as a place here on Earth

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