To co-create a Global, borderless community of Conscious Souls with memory of the truth of who we really are, and of our life purpose

Living together freely in Joy with Bliss, experiencing Heaven as a place right here on Earth now

We are committed to collaboratively facilitating the curation, transmission and free flow of authentic certified Knowledge and Wisdom relating to the rise in vibration on Earth and to the Conscious ReLOVEution

We choose to co-exist in love and peace outside of the socially constructed mechanisms of control, stereotype and separation which are currently experienced as the norm here on Earth

Together we support each other by shining light on the path into ourselves, uncovering who we truly are and working together to realise that purpose

We are a community in which the word ‘addiction’ is omitted from our vocabulary

A place where everyone lives what they love, together in a time of unprecedented peace and harmony

Where the knowledge of how to live a Magickal Life is known and experienced by every Being

Our vision is that this community will carry us united into the New Era

Celebrating the dissolution of the illusion of separation, and co-creating together our beautiful Heaven right here on Earth Now


To facilitate the Transformation with Consciousness on Earth Now

To witness the elimination of poverty, greed and war

To oversee the Transformation of the 1% of the population who are currently truly happy here, into the entire population of Earth

To facilitate the redistribution of this worlds’ wealth from the 1% who currently control it, so that every person here has everything they need to live a happy and productive life with Joy in Abundance

To provide sustenance, awakening and support for all during this time


Now is the time for action

It is time for us to come together to work to radically transform our own vibration and consciousness, and in doing so effectively transform the Collective Consciousness of Humanity here on Earth

We invite you to join us, to awaken you lifeforce energy and become the Being you are born to be

To be with memory of your Life Soul Purpose
To experience authentically the beautiful wonder of Love, Joy and Cosmic Connection
Welcome Home to the Magickal Life Enlightenment Academy, of Transformational Consciousness
Now Let Us Begin


Magickal Life Enlightenment Academy, London, U.K

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