Tantra is far more famous than known
When we ask people if they have heard of Tantra, many feel they know something about it. And yet few can offer explanation as to what it is
Some have heard stories of Tantric Sex. Or shady tales featuring mystical energies and supernatural taboo practices akin to Voodoo
But very few have practiced
Buddhists shy away from transmitting the knowledge of Tantra, which Buddha himself proclaimed was suitable only for the ears and eyes of those Humans of ‘Advanced Capacity’
Hindus warn that the knowledge is so powerful as to be suitable for transmission only to the most dedicated Disciple
And now here we have arrived at a location when the knowledge of Tantra becomes necessary for us to begin to make sense of the events which are taking place now
Tantra is about experiencing
Experiencing for yourself the knowledge and wisdom of who we really are
About experiencing that at the root of all there is, we are all one Universal, Cosmic Consciousness

We are all Divine

At the Magickal Life Enlightenment Academy, we strive to dispel the myths surrounding Tantra and to expose it for what it is. Quite simply a way of life. The beautiful path to self-realisation in this lifetime
The word Tantra, amongst other things, may be taken to mean ‘toolbox for the expansion of consciousness’
It also refers to the texts in which it was recorded in its last incarnation here on Earth
And means ‘to weave’ To weave the being and the doing on the rich tapestry of life as we make love with the weave of the matter of creation
Tantra shows us that there is only ever one time. And that time is now. She invites us to experience each and every now authentically and without expectation or judgement on what is past or what is to come
Tantra shows us that there is no past and no future. There is no such thing as right and wrong, or good and bad. These are simply examples of some concepts which Humans use to generate energy with which to fuel the stories at the root cause of wrong understanding, pain and suffering
Tantra invites us to feel into ourselves and to live consciously in the present moment, every moment. To be with memory of the knowledge that absolutely everything is happening for a reason. To know that when we stop and feel into an event to enquire why it is happening, we will always be rewarded with an answer
Tantra reminds us that She is all of everything. Just as we all are. The Masculine and the Feminine. The Light and the Dark. The Moon and the Sun. They are all simply two sides of the same coin. Flip them and you will be with the realisation that we are all made from the same fundamental building blocks
Tantra reminds us that we are all one energy, originating from the same Source. That we are simply currently vibrating on different frequencies – thus supporting the Human illusion of separation
Tantra shows us that this time of separation is over. That we are invited now to receive the light necessary to be with memory of who we truly are
To be with the knowledge that we are all Beings of sound and light. And to experience this together now. Living together as one in Joy, Peace and Harmony
As we experience Life as an Awakened species experiencing Heaven as a place on Earth. Conscious, whole and free


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