Earthday Extravaganza

Magickal Life Enlightenment Academy, 3rd Earthday Extravaganza!
BE the Being You are Born to Be!
Live the Life You Love!
9.30am 6th Aug – 12 Midnight 8th August 2020
The Magickal Life Enlightenment Academy, are super excited to announce the Magickal Life Enlightenment Academy,’s 3rd Earthday Extravaganza!
We invite you to join us as we celebrate our 3rd year here on Earth by lighting the Path with Intuition, so you may enter through the Lionsgate Portal on the 8/8 and join us as residents with the Siddhi with Clarity!

This Earthday Extravaganza! is for those of you who are embracing and embodying radical change as we transform into the new era here on Gaia. Those of you who are taking responsibility for your life, with sight of the knowledge that we all write our own life story. We are all directors of our own movie. Those of you who are here to assist with the facilitation with the transformation with Consciousness


Just like a caterpillar entering their cocoon – who would ever guess they would emerge as such a beautiful butterfly!
Now it is OUR turn!

According to Tantra, only 1% of the population of the Earth is really happy
Because to be happy you must know what you want, you must achieve it, and you must live to appreciate what you have achieved

Most Humans fail at the first hurdle because they have no idea how to identify what is it that they truly want. What their true purpose here on Earth really is

This 3-day experience is designed to offer you time away from your usual habitat to turn inward and discover exactly who you truly are, and what it is that you must become with memory of in order to achieve real happiness

The kind of joyful happiness which may only be brewed from within as you traverse the path of Intuition
By blending ancient Tantric and Ayurvedic Knowledge and Wisdom with Cosmic Consciousness and newly emerging technologies, we offer an intensive interactive experience:
Awaken to the Being you are Born to Be
Rise up Into and Live the Magickal Life You Love
Rest as One Together with Harmony

We invite you to join us in beautiful Goa from the 6th – 8th August 2020 as we celebrate the event of the left-handed Tantric Path and the right-handed Yogic path melting together, rising in Magickal Love, and resting as one with Clarity in shanti Harmony

Our Earthday Extravaganza will resemble what is known in Western culture as a ‘retreat’. We will be a small, intimate group of around 18 Souls gathered in Community

Expect to remember to stop expecting anything except the unexpected as we hold space and light the way for a Magickal journey into Yourself

Experience exciting transmissions and interactive workshops delivered by some of Earth’s most luminous conscious minds

We will follow a carefully curated program containing Human life hacks for experiencing awakening of Consciousness, combined with much love and community to support you through this deeply transformational time

Our team of experienced facilitators will shine light on pleasurable and practical ways of raising and maintaining your vibration and consciousness
Transmissions, Workshops and Ceremonies Including:
Cosmic Consciousness
5D Knowledge and Wisdom talks
Gene Keys Technology
Ayurveda for All

Tantra Magick Meditation – BEcome the Being you are Born to Be
Tantra Magick Meditation – Energy Follows Intention. Set Your Intention and Enter the Flow
Tantra Magick Meditation – Illuminating the Shift in Consciousness on Earth
Tantra Magick Meditation – Human Life Hacks for Raising and Maintaining your Vibration and Achieving Awakened states of Cosmic Consciousness
Tantra Magick Meditation – Secret to Being Happy – How to Determine What you Want,
Achieve it, and Live to Enjoy what you have Achieved
Tantra Magick Meditation – Open Yourself to Give, Receive and Live in Joyful Abundance
Mantra and Chanting
Tantric and Yogic Philosophy
Tantric and Vipassana Meditation
Tantric Conscious Touch Massage
Kriya / Pranayama / Hatha / Tantra Yoga
Plant-Based Nutrition
Sacred Sound healing

Trance and Hypnosis for overwriting programs no longer
serving us
Cacao Ceremony and Ecstatic Dance
Our location is situated in beautiful green leafy Arambol countryside
We will have a team of experienced Magickal Healers on hand to assist and support you on a 1-1 basis as required
We invite you to come and join us for 3 wonderful days of delicious Plant-Based Nutrition, Knowledge and Wisdom, Love, Hugs, Laughter, Tears, Joy, Bliss, Oneness, Community, Exploration and Awakening as we work together to co-create Heaven right here now on Earth

At the Magickal Life Enlightenment Academy, we are committed to ensuring that our courses are open to all who are ready to receive
This course is intensive and as such numbers are limited to a maximum of 18 Receivers
We are blessed to be with 4 Lead Co-Facilitators for this event, supported by other guest Transmitters who are Leaders in their fields joining us for the celebration!

We are a not for profit community and are with vision of the time when everyone who wishes to do so may join us with no regard for the cost. During this transitional time, we are reliant on donations to be able to produce this event
We have tried to keep the overall production cost to a minimum whilst at the same time still offering you an opportunity without compromise on quality

The suggested donation for this event to cover stay / food / drinks / hire of the venue / music and sound / Transmitter expenses etc will be 15000rs per person

Those of you who are blessed to live in financial abundance, we invite you to consider offering in excess of the minimum donation to allow for more of those who do not to join us

Those of you who are experiencing financial hardship please set your intention to join us and send the request for 15000rs to be with you. Then open yourself in readiness to receive (often in the most unexpected of ways!)
If financial assistance is still required, then please contact us to apply for a financial commitment reduction or waiver – maybe you can offer us your help or expertise. We will do our best to accommodate you – Love always finds a way!
Please note: All donations received go towards the running of the Academy for this and other transmissions, courses, and events, as well as for website maintenance and publicity purposes

We are actively seeking donors (Abundance Angels) and Angel Investors to widen the audience we reach with our transmissions. If you feel you know of someone who would be interested in donating to, or investing in the Academy, please invite them to like the page or contact Silver Lotus on +447939944049

The Magickal Life Earthday Extravaganza will offer a fully inclusive delicious plant-based meal plan including breakfast shakes, lunch and dinner, as well as caffeine-free herbal teas, healthy drinks and water. Special dietary requirements may be catered for – please notify us of anything we need to be aware of at time of booking

Accommodation is offered for those who feel to stay in a basic shared en-suite dorm room at the property
If you require a more luxury stay then this may be arranged – please contact us to discuss your requirements

About Arambol
Arambol is a beautiful Bohemian seaside village located in North Goa, approximately 1.5 hours from the closest airport Dabolim (GOI). A high-vibrational mecca for Yogis, Tantriks, Musicians, Artists, Healers, backpackers and Souls who wander but are not lost, our beach is considered one of the most beautiful in Goa
Love and light to you All,
Silver Lotus, Lalita, Suzie, Hannah and all the MLA Team xxx